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Go ahead.... make my day! #familypic #outlaws #ilovearizona #ghosttown #photoop
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Got that summer hair cut, now I just need to keep working on that bod. I’ve been really enjoying my sessions @fitnesspnp the last 3 weeks. It is my unwind time. The workouts are legit and the convo in interesting. The sessions def something look forward to. If you’re looking for some more personalized training, go see Will at PNP fitness. You won’t be disappointed. #feelinglikeastrongbitch #newhairwhodis #thiswaytothebeach
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Observing while waiting for the elevators to open (to take us to the meeting) #wanderer #wanderlust traveler #blog #photography #scottsdale #yellow
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Congratulations to @sky.thewolfchild, the 2nd Place winner in our Arizona pets in the wild photo challenge! Congratulations! Stay tuned for the winner on Thursday! #azpetsinthewild #ig_arizona
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My babies ❤️ How do I keep these 2 little forever! I told my oldest son he was my experiment child. Thank goodness he turned out AMAZING despite my many mistakes. Sorry son! I learned so much kid after kid after kid. I worried about the schools they went to, their clothes at one time 🤦🏽‍♀️ and how much vegetables they ate. One of my kids ate peanut butter and jelly for a year and another one Mac n cheese for a year too. We’ve done charter schools all the sports, a chore chart and every at home activity’s which usually led to “Never mind I’ll do it!” Some of these things we funneled through and some have stuck, but what I do know for sure why we’re all so close is this unconditionally love. I tell my kids nothing will ever change the love I have for you. No mistake no choice it will always be there. Boy did my boys test that statement lol, but I’m happy to say we all made it through and we’re so much closer than ever. I’ve been a single mom, divorced I worried so much for my kids, but things have turned out pretty great! I think they caught the idea that they were really loved at home because of how I see them treat others. So, now with these 2 babies of mine I’m present and I let them dress themselves yay for trendy kids and explore every imaginative idea that doesn’t involve me being the one being prank but somehow It still happens 🤷🏻‍♀️ Shout out to all you single Mom’s and Dad’s I want to let you know love your kids so hard I promise everything will be ok. That’s just the one requirement 😘 . . #gilbertaz #eatinaz #growthmindset #md #ilovearizona #stayathomemom #motherhoodlife #womenempowerment #our_everyday_moments #interiordesign #momlife #madewithlovegilbert #momlifeunfiltered #azblogger #dailyinspiration #momcommunity #abmrlifeisbeautiful #chandler #mesa #scottsdale #howyouhome #thealisonshow #theshineproject #learning #selflove #leadership #style #pnwlife #sodomino #rashellazlivin
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