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Damn, I sometimes forget how far I’ve come. I found this picture the other day on an old flash drive and I just sat there for a few minutes without any emotions coming across me. For those of you that are new to my page or you just never really knew my history, I am a survivor of cancer. It’s been almost 9yrs post op and treatment. In this photo I’m being treated with radiation. Which was not the most pleasant feeling for me. My treatments started shortly after undergoing a 16hr surgery in removal of a tumor in my parotid gland. The tumor had basically taken over my facial nerve on the left side of my face and was slowly spreading. This eventually would’ve left me having terminal cancer, but we caught it just in the knick of time. And by that I mean, my pregnancy hormones had pretty much exposed this tumor that had been growing for a while. I was just beginning my journey into motherhood and you can only imagine how much more difficult this made my life at the time. I fell into a deep and dark depression, but tried my hardest to hold on to the light that my daughter brought into my life. In all honesty, she was the one who saved me and I’m forever indebted to her. Almost everyday has been a battle within myself, but this was such a good reminder that I’ve already fought the hardest battle in life and I fucking won! #FuckYouCancer #SmileThroughYourScars
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